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Oyo Garri (50kg)


Oyo Garri

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The Original and Premium Garri is very clean in appearance. it is free from all forms of particles and dusts. It is produced very dry and stays as long as possible without any from of disintegration in quality.  Prepared very dry and stays as long as possible without any form of difference and deterioration in taste and quality. It is very refreshing and can be enjoyed as dough popularly called Eba or can be soaked in water and enjoyed as a side dish to delicious dishes like beans porridge, roasted or fried fish and meat just to mention a few. It is hundred percent sourced, produced, packaged and distributed in Nigeria.  It is stone, sand and preservative free. Free from moisture and well sealed packing sizes. Garri has been a great and enjoyable traditional staple food through generations.


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