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Tatase (Red bell pepper) Paint Bucket


Fresh Vegetables


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They are known as bell peppers due to their bell-like shape and have a mild, sweet flavor and a crisp juicy flesh. Although these are available all over the world, they have their origin in South and Central America and Mexico. All varieties of bell peppers including the red ones are green in color when unripe.

Red bell peppers are botanically fruits but they are known as vegetables which are used in a variety of dishes due to their mild, sweet and crispy flavor. On ripening they turn into bright red in color with a core inside containing plenty of seeds. They are usually comparable to soft balls in size, but they can be smaller depending upon their growing time. They are excellent sources of nutrients such as vitamins C, A and B6. Besides, they also contain vitamin E, vitamin K, folate and potassium; and antioxidants as well. Organic red bell peppers should be preferred to conventionally grown ones since they are eaten with their skins and the conventionally grown peppers often come in contact with harmful pesticides which leave their residue on their skin.


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